About Lisa


Lisa has written for Awana International, Focus on the Family, and Christianity Today publications. Awana materials shown are copyrighted: (c) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Awana Clubs International. Used with permission. Images of Lisa by Carrie Cunningham Photography.


Proven Bible study writer. In her writing, Lisa has sought to match her audience’s age-appropriate needs with a new perspective on the depth and beauty of God’s Word. She has written four Bible study program books and a manual for Awana Clubs International.

Extensive experience in collaborating with others. Lisa wrote four of her nine books for Awana Clubs International in collaboration with others, one of which required her to gain content from numerous international personnel on each continent, edit it thoroughly, and format it for translation and publication. She also has experience in rewriting and updating material. Her writing practice is characterized by first listening and then creatively engaging with the audience in her writing.

Versatile writer, compiler, editor. Lisa has written and edited hundreds of webpages. She has written online articles for Awana and been guest-featured on two blogs. One of her latest projects was to edit a second-language Bible study for a Venezuelan missionary that would be used in churches in Nigeria. (How’s that for cross-cultural use?!)

College English instructor and speaker

10 years teaching English at the college level. Lisa has taught poetry, drama, introduction to literature, composition, argument and research, creative writing, and developmental English.

International speaker. Lisa has spoken to international audiences that speak a number of different first languages.  She has experience in coaching interpreters as well.

Areas of expertise in writing and ministry

  • Women’s ministry
    • Nondenominational
    • Parachurch groups and church groups
    • Protestant/Catholic
    • World religions
  • Youth ministry
  • Middle-school ministry
  • International student ministry
  • Conversational evangelism

2 thoughts on “About Lisa”

  1. Monique Foos said:

    This is so exciting! Your comments about loneliness in our calling is spot on. I wish you God’s favor in your ministry and readership.


    • Thanks, Monique! It’s good to see you on the forum. I’m about to do something really lonely– go to a ministry conference by myself this weekend. I don’t prefer the loneliness, that’s for sure, but God directed me to go. And after asking everyone back in Illinois if they were going, and hearing all no’s, that still should not dissuade me from going. So, I’m going and asking the Lord to open my ears in a way they couldn’t listen if I was in my happy place with all my buddies gathered ’round.


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