Contact Lisa about her upcoming book

Are you a woman in ministry leadership who has struggled with understanding your call to ministry and having it validated by others? Perhaps you’ve undergone instances where you face real opposition to your calling and your ministry role.

I want to learn more about that. Would you join me? I’m interviewing women who are interested in relating their experiences for other women in ministry– both to encourage them and to teach them how to deal with problems that arise. I see this as a book to use in mentoring, both for a woman to woman relationship and a man to woman relationship. I’m looking to expand the book in diversity of the women’s roles, denominational affinity, and race. For the purposes of this book, I’m focused on Protestant women.

The women I interview are anonymous to protect them and their ministries. But here’s a sampling of the roles represented by the women I’ve interviewed already:

1. Author/speaker

2. Musician

3. Missionary

4. Parachurch ministry leader

5. Head of denominational leadership

6. Assistant pastor

7. Family pastor

8. Youth pastor

9. Seminary professor

10. Christian radio announcer

11. Women’s ministry leader

12. Blogger/writer

And many more!

Leave me your contact info below, and I’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for trusting me to tell your story.

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