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I knew it was a while since I had last posted, but… wow. Here’s why.

Last fall, I began teaching at two colleges along with writing a book about women in ministry leadership. And I was blogging. And I am regularly a part of my church’s ministry as well as ministering to my family. When I was rear-ended on my way to teaching a night class, everything came to a screeching halt. Please excuse the well-used metaphor. It describes my situation precisely!

Recovery from the accident was soon followed by seven weeks of bronchitis. I found that I needed to assess my activities. Through this soul-searching, I heard God asking me the same question that I have asked many others: “What has God called you to do?”

God has clearly asked me to write the book. But He hasn’t asked me to write the blog, so for now, I put it aside. I’ll pick it up later as the writing portion of my book is less intense.

Thanks for checking my website. Please look at the other tabs. I continue to check my email address (lisa@lisaacklandcarriere.com), so you can always contact me with questions about the book or my writing ministry.

Blessings to you as you minister to God’s family–