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Some people think you have to wear a cape to be a hero. Or you had to have given your life for someone else.

Carol Kent doesn’t wear a cape, but she does have beautiful, eye-catching red hair. She hasn’t died for anyone. But she has given her life to mentoring and helping many Christian speakers and writers and others she reaches through her books. See her story here. It changed my life.

In this short clip, she interviewed me this summer for the book I’m writing (present title Divine Call: How Women Leaders Overcome Ministry Challenges). I don’t know what kind of magic her videographer worked. I had suffered with a migraine the night before, and it kept me from sleeping much. He must have videoed my alter ego, who seems well rested, energetic, and positive. Regardless of how he managed it, I’m grateful for it.

Thanks for being interested in my work, and I pray that God would richly bless yours.