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I would have liked to have shown you a photo of my healthy mums. That’s not the case since I have been putting off watering them. Meanwhile, they have been growing brown and brittle, whereas I want them to brighten our home’s entrance. That doesn’t happen without watering.

Meanwhile, God was calling me to water in another area of my life in being financially generous. But I put it off. Not because I didn’t have the funds to give. Just because I had other things to attend to, just like I put off watering my flowers.

But that’s not a good enough reason. So when I ran across Proverbs 11:25 in my devotions today, it really hit me:

He who waters is himself watered. Or, if you prefer, she who waters is herself watered. Either way, the singular pronoun is important.

I had been called to water something, to call it into fruitfulness. I wasn’t resisting. I was simply putting it off. But slow obedience is not obedience.

So, I watered today. Yes, I watered my nasty looking mums. More importantly, I watered my world by giving to two organizations that do a lot more good in their particular areas of aid than I can from my desk.

Whom you water today may have nothing to do with being financially generous. I just know I needed to do it. Your watering may mean you find new ways to bless your ministry workers. It may mean that you give a real smile, the kind that lights up your face, to someone you sense needs it.

Who does God want you to water today?

Blessing your ministry,