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Speak Up Conference 2015, Grand Rapids, MI

I just enjoyed three encouraging days with like-minded women and men in ministry… and five minutes of agony.

The three days of encouragement came from Speak Up, Carol Kent’s conference for speakers and writers in ministry. The conference was small enough so that one could meet privately with the speakers but large enough so that one could learn from a variety of speakers and attenders.

The five minutes of agony came from being interviewed on tape. I had no idea how quickly my well-rehearsed sentences about my book would weaken when faced with a 15-pound video camera. I’ve been interviewing women all year, but I have a lot to learn about being the one answering the questions!

I plan on giving you some concrete things that I learned from Speak Up, but I thought instead I would show you one. Instead of writing blogs, the trend is going toward videoing blogs or inserting a video into one’s blog.

I did an impromptu, “first-impressions” style video in Grand Rapids’ beautiful Meijer Gardens. In it, you can listen to the birds– and me– as I give my first feedback on the conference and the importance of finding people who inform and encourage your ministry.