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Untitled design-2I’m grateful that April Yamasaki included my work on her blog this week. In connection with my writing, her call to full-time ministry was “accidental,” as she humorously puts it. In her previous work, she was a college professor until God’s clear call came through repeated requests to lead her church. Today, she pastors a Mennonite church in British Columbia, Canada, and writes a weekly blog and other materials to encourage her congregation and others in their walk with Christ. The first part of my post on rest follows, as well as a link to the entire post on her site:

It’s counter-intuitive to rest during busy seasons, whatever work or other responsibilities we carry. Busy times appear to require the most activity from us, and in a way, that’s true.

However, I think the Bible teaches us to build rest times into our schedules. I’ve benefitted from this practice, which keeps me sane (and loving, I hope!) with those I serve. Also, it has humbled me when I see God working for me while I keep still.

Consider “Mini-Rests”

I’d like to help you consider mini-rest times as part of your schedule, because during those times you will see God go to work for you.

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