My husband Jason has been at a work conference all week. I’m supposed to leave for a ministry conference this afternoon. His flight is scheduled to leave Austin, Texas, at 10:00 this morning in order for me to leave on time, but he was concerned I wouldn’t have enough time to drive to my conference. As a result, he woke up at 4:30 this morning to catch an earlier flight.

I’m a realist, and I’ve been to conferences aplenty. The organizers usually set a long schedule of sessions, meetings, and socializing time. There is little time for sleep. At this point, at the end of the week, I know Jason treasures those few winks he can get. But he chose to squander them in order to minister to me.

I think the ministry to one’s spouse is the hardest at times. It is a teensy-weensy little ministry that an audience of one only sees. Just doing what is required is sometimes hard enough. Many times I think to myself, it’s enough that I make a homemade dinner. Why do I need to make dessert too?

And yet, when the other person makes you a figurative dessert as well as the meal, such love pours through it. That’s ministry. Jason ministered to me through his sacrificial intentions. Despite the early wake-up, he may not be home tonight since there’s a fire at the Chicago airport this morning. And I may not be able to attend the conference after all. And sometimes, despite the fact we put ourselves out there– we lose sleep, we spend precious time, we lavish love– we don’t receive the desired effect.

Do it anyway, out of freedom. Do it when no one else sees you, for the audience of One. Because He made you to be free and love freely. Give Him the right to handle the outcome.